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    Cowboy Fit Workout DVD (Download)

    Brand New Public Release!

    Professional Bull Rider Wiley Petersen and Art of Strength founder Anthony DiLuglio have collaborated to develop a first-of-its-kind fitness program called Cowboy Fit. Designed around the unique requirements of preparing bull riders for competition, this three-part DVD program is nonetheless a perfect workout for just about anyone. Men and women alike will enjoy the premise of progressing from amateur to professional rider as exercises progress in difficulty addressing grip building, inner leg strength, keeping the body square, and for pros, finding your spurs.

    Whether you are a bull rider, a fan of bull riding, or a fitness enthusiast looking to change up your routine, these challenging and fun workouts will help you lose weight, tone muscle, enhance flexibility, and give you enough strength and stamina to handle any bull that comes your way.

    Bonus Features:

    • Multiple work along tutorials and workouts
    • 3 progressive skill levels
    • Behind the scenes extras

    “Cowboy Fit”  Press Release

    PROVIDENCE, RI, December 21, 2011 – Working in conjunction with Professional Bull Rider Wiley Petersen, Anthony DiLuglio of Art of Strength has developed a brand new fitness program for bull riders called  Cowboy Fit. DiLuglio became interested in the sport when Petersen first came to him for a shoulder injury.

    “I discovered he didn’t do any sport-specific training, just traditional weight training,” DiLuglio says. So he took the Art of Strength philosophy – training for maximum functional strength, achieving a body that is even stronger than it looks, more durable, less prone to injury and more resilient – and applied it to bull riding.

    “I studied Wiley and watched how the bull manipulates the rider to understand exactly what strengths a bull rider needs. I broke down his movements, and created a workout that builds a chain of strength, working all the muscles in concert that are necessary to sustain that bull riding motion of holding on with one hand with the other over your head. I was able to get Wiley to understand the workout as a movement, not just an exercise,” he explains.

    Petersen says he noticed a difference immediately. “I thought I was in good shape, but I couldn’t believe how sore I was after doing this workout. It showed me the weak areas in my body that I needed to strengthen. Soon I noticed at events my endurance was better, I wasn’t getting as tired.  I was more confident, I felt stronger, and I could take a fall or hit better.”

    What’s more, Petersen had suffered a shoulder injury earlier in the season. “The strength and endurance I gained enabled me to compete through the entire year, even with a shoulder fracture. When I finally had my shoulder fixed, I used the workout for rehab. It actually feels better than before because of the exercises that Anthony included in the Cowboy Fit series, ”

    Cowboy Fit is a three-part DVD program that will progress a rider from novice through amateur and pro stages as the exercises progress in difficulty. The first DVD is called Eight Minutes of Might for Eight Seconds of Fight, recognizing that in competition, a rider must stay on for eight seconds to progress to the next round.There are eight exercises done for one minute each on each DVD, along with how-to guidance. It begins by building a foundation and helping riders gain an understanding of the strengths they need. Then it addresses building grip and inner leg strength, keeping the body square, and for pros, finding your spurs.

    “We’ve seen first-hand proof that the program is beneficial. As we were filming for the DVD in San Antonio, one of my trainers who had been doing the Cowboy Fit workout got on a bull – for the first time in his life – and stayed on for eight seconds. This speaks to the very core of Art of Strength and what we do:  the training we provide enables people to do things because their bodies become resilient and strong from specific training. They end up with good body awareness, understand strengths and weaknesses, and gain a different confidence in doing things,” DiLuglio explains.

    DiLuglio and Petersen will be offering clinics in 2012 at AOS gyms in Texas, as well as distributing the program  through professional bull riding associations and rodeos. According to DiLuglio, it’s an all-American workout that anyone who rides for a living will benefit from. Petersen feels the Cowboy Fit workout has the potential to enable riders to take their sport to the next level. 

    “If a bull rider does this workout, he’s going to be confident that he’s working out like he should,” he explains. Before, I always had that doubt that maybe there’s something else I should be doing that could make me that much better. This workout has all the necessary ingredients. It’s the complete physical package to get you in good enough shape to ride the best bulls in the world.”

    About Anthony DiLuglio

    Anthony DiLuglio is one of America’s top trainers, known for his unique approach to fitness. He has created award-winning fitness equipment, a successful gym franchise, and works with wide range of clients, including athletes and strength coaches from the worlds of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and PBR to Hollywood celebrities, to everyday people recovering from injury. 




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    1. Serious workout!

      As a bull rider and avid weightlifter I am well aware of the muscles involved and how to strengthen them. Cowboy Fit takes on exercises and combinations I have never even considered, but it lacks strengthening of important muscles such as groin and hamstrings. This is a completely different approach and a workout that could supplement a well rounded program, but I would not depend on it alone. I do like the progression of the workouts included, but it does not come with any recommended schedule or recommended frequency of workouts. Arena shots are cool but repetetive. on 15th Oct 2014

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